Hairstyling 101: How to Use a 3 Barrel Curling Iron!

Have always dreamed of getting those absolutely gorgeous mermaid-esque waves but are just much too scared of hot tools to even try to do it on your hair? Well, fret not, friends, for hair stylists have concocted the perfect tool for you to try and test: the triple barrel curling iron! So, if you want to learn some tips and tricks on how to use the 3 barrel curling iron before actually using it, we’ve compiled a short how-to-use guide for you to peruse!

What is a 3 Barrel Curling Iron and Why Use It?

A triple-barrel curling iron or a 3 barrel curling iron is a hairstyling tool that has three curling iron barrels and uses heat to style and curl their user’s hair. Despite its heft, this large but iconic tool not only makes sure you get nice and consistent mermaid curls each and every time but it can help you save on the amount of time spent on styling which is something we always love!

Irons like these ones from the Stellar Empress are the best ones to get if you’re just starting out as models like those ones are not only made to work with all hair types but are also made with built-in anti-frizz technology, meaning you can curl to your heart’s content without any fear of frizz! It also heats up pretty quickly, only needing around 1 to 2 minutes before hitting the perfect styling temperature! The unit also comes with a built-in anti-slip body and anti-scald points to make the styling process safe and easy!



How Do You Use It?

Step One: Prepare your Hair!

Always make sure that your hair is 30% to 40% damp and that the appropriate hair protectants are applied to it beforehand to avoid permanently burning or damaging it while it's being curled. Once your hair is all good and raring to go, start parting and sectioning it off to make your styling process easier as you go!




Step Two: Curl Away!

Carefully open the iron’s clamp and use it to pinch the top of your first hair section between the barrels and clamp. Hold the clamp in place for around 10 to 15 seconds or until the desired curl level is achieved, and then release it before moving down to the next section! Experts recommend holding the iron at a 45-degree angle to help make the waves longer as well as help avoid curling your root area!  Repeat this process until the entire section is styled! 





Want to know more? Head on over to Stellar Empress’ official website and peruse their awesome hair care section to check out their  Hair Wave 3 Barrel Curling Iron!  Stellar Empress loves its customers so it makes sure that each item you purchase has a 30-day warranty and you can get a full refund for any damaged items you receive without no strings attached! So, get to styling with Stellar Empress!