Hair Tips 101! A Guide on How to Use A Hair Dryer Brush!

If you’ve been on the internet in 2022, you’ve definitely come across what is probably the best hair care and styling device of the year: the hair dryer brush! But, if this is the first time you’ve heard of this device and are curious as to how to use it, then sit down and take notes as we’ll be schooling you on the basics of how to use a hair dryer brush!

What is a Hair Dryer Brush?

A hair dryer brush is an electric corded round brush that is designed to blow heat from the inside out to not only speed up the drying time of your hair but also makes it easier for you to give it volume in the process. This results in you having that sought-after straight but bouncy hair effect with little to no hassle, making it ideal for the modern busybody!

hair dryer brush

How Do You Use a Hair Dryer Brush?

Step 1: Prep Your Hair!

It’s recommended that you make sure that your hair is still a bit wet or is at least 30 to 40% damp before using the hair dryer brush! This is to ensure that your hair will not take on too much heat and become damaged as using a hair dryer brush on very, very wet hair requires a lot more time, heat, and stress from you and your hair! If you feel like your hair could use a bit more protection, feel free to apply hair protectants on it before proceeding!

Once your hair is sufficiently wet, start parting your hair! The number of parts you make depends on how thick your hair is but always make sure to secure each section with a clip to make things easier along the road. 

hair dryer brush

Step 2: Get to Hair Dryer Brushing!

Grab your hair dryer brush and power it on. Once it is warmed up enough, take a section of your parted hair and place the brush at its end. Carefully roll the brush up the length of that hair section and stop when the body of the brush is near your roots. Give your wrapped hair at least 10 to 20 seconds to bond with your brush before slowly winding the hair dryer brush downward to release it! Repeat this process until all your hair sections have been wrapped and, ta-da, you've just used your hair dryer brush successfully!

hair dryer brush

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