Face Massage Roller 101: A Quick Look at Its Top 2 Benefits!

To say that face massage rollers are trendy is an absolute understatement, but, despite their popularity, not a lot of people are sold on (or know) about the benefits of getting and using a face massage roller. To this end, we have, for this week’s blog post, written a quick breakdown of all the benefits that you can get from having and using a face massage roller!

Benefit No. 1: It helps prep and de-puff your face!

Firstly, aside from improving the blood circulation in your face, face massage rollers do a wonderful job at helping you de-puff your face! The puffiness in the face usually happens as a result of fluids stagnating in certain areas in the face, and when you massage it using the roller, you help distribute these fluids more evenly, thus reducing its puffy effect! This can even be greatly enhanced if you use face massage rollers that are made of naturally cold and smooth material, making jade face massage rollers like these ones from Stellar Empress perfect for the job! Because of their characteristics, these jade face massage rollers not only improve blood circulation in the face, improve lymphatic drainage in the face, reduce puffiness, and temporarily improve skin elasticity in the face and under the eyes but these rollers can also effectively relieve facial tension and discourage the appearance and formation of fine age lines and wrinkles! 

Secondly, it works wonders in helping you distribute your products evenly! Because of its smooth surface and its gentle massage of your face, face rollers are absolutely crackers at helping their users both even out the amount of skincare or beauty products applied to the face as well as ensure that said products are able to permeate more deeply into the skin!


Benefit No.2: It helps improve your mood!

You might find this to be a bit funny but there have been in fact many scientific studies that have shown a positive correlation between the regular use of face massage rollers and an overall improvement in their user's mood. According to said studies, using face massagers for 45 minutes not only helps activate and stimulate one’s sympathetic nervous system but also helps reduce the test subjects’ anxiety levels as well! What’s not to love?


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