3 Tips about Nose Blackhead Removal You Should Really Follow!

Contrary to popular opinion, blackheads are not “trapped dirt” of any kind but are, for the lack of a better term, small deposits of melanin in your skin that have darkened due to you having open pores in your skin, and these melanin deposits being exposed to oxygen because of it. While not being particularly dangerous or fatal, the task of dealing with them on a semi-regular basis can quickly become both time and energy-consuming. If this sounds like a problem that you can particularly relate to, in this week’s blog post, we’ve compiled a quick and easy guide that can help everyone and their aunt learn more about some simple tips about nose blackhead removal that we think is really important to note and follow! 

Tip No. 1: Learn to identify blackheads!

If you think that every black dot on your nose counts as a blackhead, then, boy, are you wrong! Some pores, believe it or not, only appear blocked and take on a form similar to a blackhead due to oil build-up. And if you were to make the mistake of treating these blocked pores as a blackhead and “pop” it, you not only risk damaging your skin but also increase your risk of infecting your pores! To avoid this, learn to identify blackheads from simply blocked pores and deal with them accordingly!


Tip no. 2: Learn to wash your face properly!

Before you go about picking and plucking off blackheads from your nose, know that several of the world’s top dermatologists recommend that blackhead sufferers adopt a better skin and face care and washing routine in order to not only lessen the number of blackheads present in their face but also prevent the formation of more blackheads in the long run. A little skin TLC truly can go a long way!

Tip No. 3: Learn more about Nose Blackhead Removal Products!

Too nervous and anxious about the prospect of popping out your blackheads yourself? Save yourself from all that trouble and anxiety by investing in time-saving and pore-clearing nose blackhead removers like these ones! Stellar Empress’s Nose Blackhead Remover can not only suck out and remove even the deepest blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin bits, grease, and left-over makeup residues with ease but can also help users smooth over wrinkles and tighten one’s skin after regular use over a 2 to 5 week period! Talk about these devices being multi-faceted!

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